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Tiffany Case was gang-raped as a teenager; While there is no such clear-cut trauma in Solitaire's early life, there are suggestions that she, too, avoids men because of their unwanted sexual advances in her past.Kissy Suzuki reports to Bond that during her brief career in Hollywood, when she was 17, "They thought that because I am Japanese I am some sort of an animal and that my body is for everyone." The implication is often that these violent episodes have turned the Bond girls in question against men, though upon encountering Bond they overcome their earlier antipathy and sleep with him not only willingly but eagerly.Bond girls conform to a fairly well-defined standard of beauty.They possess splendid figures and tend to dress in a slightly masculine, assertive fashion, wear little jewellery—and that in a masculine cut—wide leather belts, and square-toed leather shoes.Nearly all of Ian Fleming's Bond novels and short stories include one or more female characters who can be said to qualify as Bond girls, most of whom have been adapted for the screen.While Fleming's Bond girls have some individual traits (at least in their literary forms), they also have a great many characteristics in common.(There is some variation in dress, though: Bond girls have made their initial appearances in evening wear, in bra and panties and, on occasion, naked.) Nearly all of them are white; they often sport light though noticeable suntans (although a few, such as Solitaire, Tatiana Romanova, and Pussy Galore, are not only tanless but remarkably pale though they typically wear it in a natural or casual cut that falls heavily to their shoulders.

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While Solitaire's real name is Simone Latrelle, she is known as Solitaire because she excludes men from her life; Gala Brand, as noted above, is named for her father's cruiser, HMS Galatea; and Tiffany Case received her name from her father, who was so angry that she was not a boy that he gave her mother a thousand dollars and a compact from Tiffany's and then walked out on her.

Those who are criminals, such as Tiffany Case and Pussy Galore, tend to be similarly independent-minded in how they approach their work—the latter even running her own syndicate.

Even those Bond girls who have more conventional or glamorous jobs show themselves to be invested in having an independent outlook on life.

Several Bond girls, however, have normal names (e.g.

Tatiana Romanova, Mary Ann Russell, Judy Havelock, Viv Michel, Tracy Bond [née Teresa Draco, aka Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo]).Most Bond girls are apparently (and sometimes expressly) sexually experienced by the time they meet Bond.

The next circle or parallel begins with the western parts of India, and runs through the middle of Parthia, through Per- sepolis, the nearer parts of Persis, the nearer Arabia, Judaea, and the people who live near Mount Libanus, and it embraces Baby- lon, Idumaea, Samaria, Hierosolyma, Ascalon, Joppa, Caesarea in Phoenicia, Ptolemais, Sidon, Tyre, Berytus, Botrj-s, Tripolis, Byblus, Antiochia, Laodicea, Seleucia, the maritime parts of Cilicia, the southern parts of Cyprus, Crete, Lilybaeum in Sicily, and the northern parts of Africa and Numidia. one hundred inclies in length, throws a shadow seventy- seven inches long ; the length of the longest day is fourteen equinoctial hours and a half, plus one thirtieth of an hour. Yetus,^ Mela Pomponius,^^^ Domitius Corbulo,*' Licinius Mucianus,®^ Clau- dius Ceesar,^ Tuntius,^^ Sebosus,^ Fabricius Tuscus,^^ T. *^ The " torques" was an ornament of gold, twisted spirally and bent into a circular form, and worn among the upper classes of the Persians, the Gauls, and other Asiatic and northern nations. 5, mention is made of its having been given to Dentatus, and, in the next, other individuals are enumerated to whom it had been presented. He was twice taken prisoner by Hannibal, (for it was with no ordinary enemy that he would engage,) and twice did he escape from his captivity, after having been kept, without a single day's intermission, in chains and fetters for twenty months. It v^as the same conqueror, too, who gave directions that the '^ In allusion to the compliment paid hy the senate to the consul, M. 1, that the art of making perfumes origi- ated with the Persians. Apollo impeached by name the assassins of the poet Archi- lochus^ at Delphi. … continue reading »

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