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The city is rain drenched, icy cold, socially oppressive and unstable. From here onwards, the grandiose narrative unfolds largely through flashbacks as, during his interrogation, Katadreuffe recounts the entirety of his entangled relationship with the deceased.

Aggression is inherent in every facet of this disharmonised corner of society, from the threat of police action and eviction, to the rise of the communist movement and the continued political instability of Europe. Katadreuffe (Fedja van Huêt), a young and ambitious lawyer, on suspicion of the murder of notorious bailiff A. Whilst fundamentally charting a mere rags to riches tale and the inevitable fall from grace that follows, this absorbing drams veers confidently away from cinematic cliché and remains ambiguous until its conclusion.

On the afternoon when his firm holds a celebration of his becoming a lawyer (the day with which the film begins, the day of the murder), Katadreuffe storms into Dreverhaven's office to confront his lifelong tormentor, the bailiff.

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Despite the bailiff's efforts to hinder his son, Katadreuffe passes his bar examination and qualifies as a lawyer.

He manages to secure this job, even though most of his education is derived from reading an incomplete English-language encyclopedia that he finds as a boy in his mother's apartment; studying this set, he manages to teach himself English, which turns out to be a valuable talent in the eyes of his employers.