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For we are the poorest of the poor, the unwanted and the unwelcome huddled on the other side of the wall that separates us from the human part of the city.We are allowed to pass the wall to work on the docks or in the human's taverns and in their homes, but when the dusk comes we must return.The Couslands have stewarded the lands of Highever for many generations, dating even to before Ferelden's first king was crowned.They have persevered so long because of their reputation for justice and temperance, as well as their willingness to lead men into battle.Any elf caught outside the alienage at night is likely to be mistaken for a sneak thief or a pickpocket…and let us be honest, the ones that stay out there at night probably are. The alienage is no prison—it protects us, just as the vhenadahl shelters us.The other two classes, (warrior and rogue), are available to all other races and origins. Depending on the character's identity, this surname could be very important to the origin plot, later plots and subplots, and even the epilogue, or it could be almost totally inconsequential from a plot standpoint.

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In ancient times, the elves ruled over Thedas alone, ageless and beautiful, until the humans came.Description: “Some lands are ruled by men and women who believe that they have been elevated to their rank by the Maker Himself, but in Ferelden, rulers must earn their place.The nobility is not suffered gladly, as the Orlesian Empire discovered to its dismay when it attempted to occupy the land.A time once existed when mages ruled the known world, bringing down ruin upon their enemies until at last they were overthrown.

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Now they are watched carefully by the templars, mage-hunters aligned with the Chantry priests who would not hesitate to strike down any mage at the first sign of corruption. Their power draws demons to them from the Fade, demons that will attempt to wrest control of a mage's body and transform her into a vile abomination.

Their wagons are welcome nowhere, and more than one tale is told of the Dalish clashing with remote villagers who attempt to drive them away by force.

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