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This is a wonderful competition to enter, photographers are encouraged to interpret the brief in the widest sense, portraying your subjects with emphasis on their identity as individuals.

You may enter a single image or a series of up to six related images. A private view and continuing exhibition of the winners work will be held at the Assembly Rooms in April 2011, this will be supported by a catalogue of the winning work.

In a somewhat reality check of the continuing madness of the world, Tim Hetherington, born in Liverpool, UK, who studied literature at Oxford University and later returned to college to study photojournalism and is now based in New York and is a contributing photographer for Vanity Fair magazine; spent 15 months between 20 along with reporter Sebastian Junger, shadowing Battle Company's Second Platoon, part of the Second Battalion of the US army's 503rd Infantry Regiment.

The journalists compiled their work into a documentary, Restrepo, and a book of photography, Infidel, both released next month, illustrating how they shared food, patrols and sleeping quarters with the soldiers.

Stacking equipment does have disadvantages; most notably you loose the quick unrestricted access to the gear beneath.

And it’s always the gear beneath that you want, isn’t it?

Not to be repeated this rare exhibition is being hosted by Eyestorm to celebrate 'the merging boundaries between fashion and fine art'.

Taking place on September 30, 2010 slotted between London Fashion Week and the Frieze Art Fair.

It could easily of been another 7D body, or you could drop a 1D body in upright instead.This exhibition is taking place in an unnamed (as yet) gallery space in Mayfair, London, W1.