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17-Apr-2016 12:51

I turn 16 in a few weeks so I'll be getting a job at a local grocery. While walking back to my desk to eat and do homework, I noticed a message that said, "WARNING: Hold cup by sides, as lid may not be secure." At that exact moment, the lid that I was holding fell off and the soup drenched my Nintendo DS, and printer.And no they are not "rednecks," they are just great Mid Westerners. FML Today, a kid got his hand stuck inside my store's giant gumball machine.Two hours later, she pulled out a bridal magazine and not-so-casually asked me which wedding location I thought was the nicest. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a while, and I was very excited to tell him the news.When I opened his office planning to surprise him with the news, I saw him making out with a man.

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FML Today, and at every family event, my parents and grandparents go on and on about my ex and how much they miss him and wish I would get back with him.