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23-Dec-2016 23:38

Source: Twitter Daphne Wayans’ presence in the spotlight is a conscious choice the ex-wife of Keenen Ivory Wayans made after purposely spending her time not being famous.

The smart and stylish Daphne, who has five children with Wayans, says that divorce did not stop her from going back to being Keenen’s friend, creating a healthy structure for their kids, or cultivating her personal growth and friendships.

I tell people all the time, don’t let me be the symbol of your divorce because people would be wanting to get divorced.

I mean he has them one week and I have them the next.

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Oftentimes, you get this immersion of parents, and I don’t mean to say that that’s bad, but it’s more clear now.,” as if I’m going to say, “he kicked me.” So, I don’t like to call it a split or divorce because we were still together in so many ways. A marriage is may be one quarter business and three quarters your heart, your emotion, and your life.MN: How was it for you being a single mother after the divorce? (born June 8, 1958) is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, and a member of the Wayans Family of entertainers.

He first came to prominence as the host and co-creator of the 1990–1994 Fox sketch comedy series In Living Color.

This love is deep and long and it’s been built over a very long time and it’s been through tremendous tumults.